Monday, 29 November 2010

Beyond Reaction

When I react I cannot really feel.
When I respond I scratch the surface
of an undernourished part of me
that connects with what is real.
When I think from the heart
and my body is at peace
I reconnect each disparate part
of that thing we call the psyche.
Sometimes I know and feel
that all that ever was and is and will be
is present here in the Eternal Now
and every note of music born
in fury or in scorn
will reach an end and die
and change its form and live and breathe
in pastures new and pastures old
where there are bridges
that renew, revitalise
and reconnect the active and the passive forces
which fuse and give new birth
to a creation cleansed of lies
and the cul-de-sac of inner dialogue.
There, where heaven and earth
are of no account,
is that realm beyond the two
where neither superstition nor cold logic
come close to what is True.

© Geoff Davis 2010

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