Monday, 27 June 2011

You Are A Gift

 Three years ago this very day a lovely Italian lady from Sardinia stepped off a plane from Olbia at Bristol Airport and Maria Rita and I met for the first time. It was a meeting that has completely changed the course of my life and something for which I will be eternally grateful. This is a poem I wrote for her a few days ago.

You Are A Gift

You are a gift.
I had resigned myself
to such a gift eluding me
and then I witnessed
a miracle unfold,
an alchemical process
turning base metals into gold.
You are that gold,
it emanates from every pore
and illuminates your face
every time you smile,
every time I catch those eyes
that lighten every burden
real or imagined,
every time I feel humbled
before your generosity.
What have I done
to merit being brought
to such a perfect place?
My expectations did not run
to thinking I could meet
with such a blessing.
How could I ask for more?

© Geoff Davis 2011


1 comment:

  1. Thanx my love... three lovely years with you. I enjoyed every day with you! ...and this is only the beginning!
    M. Rita